Neighboring Embankment Stairs with IPE

Our construction crews were back in Dennis and built another large embankment star right next door to a previous winter project. This project is designed to match the stair next door and includes a large landing at the top with two large sitting benches, a large deck on top of the stone revetment, and built with all IPE decking and handrail. This stair also includes a two-piece aluminum staircase that can be quickly removed and stored in the event of a storm.

Bulkhead Progress & Completion

New bulkhead and embankment stair installation. First we had to build access down a steep bank, create a stable working area, and remove an old stone and concrete wall. Once the site was prepped we installed the new wall which included helical tiebacks, backfilled and graded the bank and finished with a brand new embankment stair set. All work was completed by Beacon Marine’s talented team. 

Pier Reconstruction

This project is complete reconstruction of an existing pier with upgraded and larger floating docks. This project also has a small dredging component to accommodate the new owner’s larger boat. Tight quarters made this project slightly more tricky than most. Captain Matt was able to move the tug and barge into place with little tolerance for error.

Embankment Stairs

This project has it all. Stairs bringing access to a private dock and an elevated sitting area that looks over the bay. These stairs were a complicated project as both helical piers and diamond piers were used to support every post. With twice the power, these stairs will be around for a long time. Also, a platform with a built in bench provides a great spot to take in the views of the Chatham waterfront. 

Wild Harbor Yacht Club Cofferdam

Cofferdams, also known as watertight walls, provide structure that assist in removing water from an area. Our construction crews have been working on a new boat ramp for the Wild Harbor Yacht Club in Falmouth. The crew installed and dewatered a temporary cofferdam, removed the old ramp, diverted and controlled a steady flow of ground water away from the new ramp, installed the sub grade, and reinstalled the granite curbing. Cofferdams prove to be a safe and efficient solution for a long-term project. 

Seasonal Ice Prevention Installation

New England winters can be unpredictable. Cold winter months can result in bays, estuaries, lakes and waterways to freeze. Once ice forms, it can cause a multitude of problems to piers, boardwalks, floats and pilings. Beacon Marine provides an ice prevention service to minimize the risk of ice damage occurring. Kasco de-icers and Elite Bubbler Systems are used to reduce not only the amount of ice, but the thickness of the ice around the waterway access.  Beacon Marine will service, install, store, and monitor these units during the winter months so your pier is awaiting warmer weather.

Seasonal Pier Removal (Fall)

This project highlights seasonal pier removals that occur mainly in the Fall.  One of Beacon’s crews from the maintenance division are seen starting the removal of one of our bigger timber docks. This pier comes in and out each year and is built with IPE decking panels, as well as a IPE floating dock and gangway.

Pier Rehab – Before & After

This outdated pier was in need of a major facelift. The crew stripped this pier down to the pilings, and hauled out all the debris via boat to be properly disposed of. This new pier construction followed the same footprint as the original structure, and the rebuild consisted of all new pressure treated lumber to increase the longevity of the pier for years to come. This enhancement included new vertical supports, ledgers, stringers, cross bracing, decking and handrail system. Stainless steel screws and galvanized fasteners are used to reduce rust and corrosion.

Bulkhead Upgrade

This project highlights a new vinyl bulkhead installation over in Cotuit. The wall is over 180’ long and made up of  ShoreGuard vinyl sheet-piling, and Chance helical tie back anchors. After the new wall was installed and all the fastening complete, the wall was backfilled with over 150 cubic yard of clean compatible fill material to re-nourish the heavily eroded embankment. All wall construction mobilization and installation had to be done by water, however, all of the new fill material was brought in from the upland side of this project and installed using a chute system. This was done to confirm there would be no further disturbance of the embankment.

Pier Enhancement

This project reflects our maintenance crew installing new IPE decking on a pier in Oyster Harbors. By using stainless steel screws to increase longevity and prevent rust, upon completion of decking, the old pier was demolished, as well as the old cross bracing. New cross bracing had been installed using a 3”x8” pressure treated lumber and galvanized hardware. This new cross bracing restricts the amount of lateral movement in the pier. Once these phases were complete, the crew installed 2 sets of TaylorMade Boat Whips. The boat whips are used to prevent boats from rubbing against the pier.

Sea View Stone Revetment

This project was a total upgrade for this property’s beachfront. This project included 180 feet of revetment reconstruction using a combination of the existing armor stone and new armor stone, and a 4’ increase in the top of wall elevation. In addition to the fortification of the wall, 2,200 cubic yards of beach compatible nourishment sand was installed to provide a buffer area between the seawall and the ocean. The stone groin projecting out into the water were completely reconstructed to help retain the sand from laterals erosion. Lastly, an embankment staircase and deck area were upgraded and reconstructed using wedge anchor to anchor the structure to the new revetment and finished with IPE Hardwood decking and handrail material.

Embankment Stairs Orleans

This new embankment staircase was recently constructed in Orleans. With newly installed jute netting to prevent dune erosion, this staircase was constructed with two platforms and built out of all pressure treated deck treads, stringers, handrail, and 4×4 uprights anchored by diamond piers into the embankment.

Marina Pier and Bulkhead Upgrades

Location: Osterville, MA

Completion Date: May, 2017

Project Details: Beacon Marine Construction was hired to perform the work at a local marina in Osterville. We worked closely with the engineer and owner throughout the entire design process to come up with a solution that fit the customer’s needs. The new vinyl bulkhead was installed in a spot that was previously a stone revetment. The work consisted of removing the stone revetment, selective demolition of finger piers, and installation of a new vinyl wall and piers. The new wall  was tied into an existing steel sheetpile wall and required the reconstruction of the finger piers. The sheathing was driven using a vibratory hammer. Deadman were set to add additional load capacity to accommodate cars being parked near the edge of the wall. The project was an overall success and we were able to have the marina ready for he 2017 boating season. 

Helical Pile Installation Brewster

LOCATION: Brewster, Cape Cod, MA


DESCRIPTION: Beacon Marine Construction was hired to install a helical pile foundation system to support an addition extending off the main floor of a house on a sloped lot. The helical piles were installed in a tight space among fragile landscape. Beacon is a certified installer of the AB Chance pile systems.

Pirates Cove Boat Ramp – Float and Pier Construction Mashpee, Cape Cod

LOCATION: Mashpee, Cape Cod, MA


DESCRIPTION: Beacon Marine Construction was hired to install and new pile supported aluminum float, aluminum gangway, and wooden pier section at the Pirates Cove Boat Ramp in Mashpee, MA. Beacon was able to successfully complete the work within the specified timeline. The boat ramp remained open throughout construction. When finished the public had a stable platform to use while launching and hauling their boats at this busy ramp.

Timber Bulkhead – Centerville

LOCATION: Centerville, Cape Cod, MA


DESCRIPTION: Construction of a 380′ timber bulkhead on the Centerville River. The project required working closely with the homeowner and landscape construction company to coordinate delivery of materials and equipment in tight quarters. The owner originally contracted a limited scope, but were so happy with the installation of the wall that they decided to build the wall to the full extent of their permit. The end result was a beautiful wall that was a valuable addition to the property.

New Pier Construction – Osterville

Location: Osterville, MA

Project Completion: August, 2016

Description: Construction of a pile supported pier in a tight waterway. It was necessary to wait for high tide and used our shallow draft tug to access the site with our barge. This pier had a nice custom finish with IPE and Thru-flow decking. We worked closely with the property owner and construction manager to make sure the final product was exactly what they expected. The work took approximately three weeks to accomplish. This pier was a great addition to an already stunning property.

Pile Foundation – Seagull Beach, Yarmouth

Location: Seagull Beach, Yarmouth MA

Completion Date: September, 2016

Project Description: Installation of 16 piling complete with Parallam beams and custom brackets. The greatest challenge to this project was site access. Pile driving logs were kept and both the builder and Architect were happy with the completed job.

Beach Nourishment, Cotuit

Location: Little Island, Osterville, MA

Completion date: June 2016

Details: Beacon Marine was hired to deliver 70 cubic yards of sand in an effort to nourish a beach that had experienced erosion at the base of a stone revetment. This project required the use of Beacon’s crane barge, materials barge, and tugs to deliver and place the sand via water.

Timber Bulkhead Little Island, Osterville

Location: North Bay, Osterville, MA

Completion date: April 2016

Details: Construction of a timber bulkhead stretched approximately 220 ft. along the beach at a private residence in Osterville. The bulkhead was tied into a stone wall at one side of the property and a neighboring timber bulkhead on the other side. Tight access through the yard required high tide delivery of materials and equipment. The client was pleased with the finished product as well as the quick construction timeline.

New Pier On Oyster Harbors

Location: Osterville, MA

Project Completion: March, 2016

Details: New pile supported pier constructed using Ipe decking on the pier, ramp, float, and handrail. A custom stair set was constructed up the bank with matching Ipe decking. ThruFlow decking material was used over the area with marsh grass to allow for sunlight penetration.  The project required the removal and disposal of an existing seasonal dock and a staircase. The project was completed ahead of schedule requiring less than 2 weeks total construction time.

Vinyl Bulkhead / Seawall Centerville River

Location: Craigville, MA

Project Completion: February, 2016

Details: Installation of a new vinyl bulkhead on the Centerville River. Removal and disposal of existing stone bulkhead. The new bulkhead consisted of approximately 130′ of vinyl sheet piling supported by 12″ timber piling. The cap on the bulkhead was built using AZEK matching the ramps and floats at the property. The original stone wall was removed revealing another stone wall that had been buried. Working from the barge, Beacon’s crew had to remove approximately 200 tons of material before we could begin driving the piling.

Seapuit River Dredging Project

Location: Osterville, MA

Project Completion: December, 2015

Details: Dredging of approximately 1000 CY of material from the Seapuit River in Osterville. The sandy material was used to nourish the beach and dune system adjacent to the river. All of the equipment had to be mobilized by barge. The project was completed in under 1 week. Throughout the winter months the sand was able to protect the beach from further erosion. Mechanical dredging methods were used to dig the river to -8′ MLW. See a write up on the project here:

New Timber Bulkhead Eel River, Osterville

Location: Osterville, MA
Project Completion: January 2016
Details: Installation of an approximately 305+ ft. timber bulkhead to combat erosion at the base of a slope. There was an existing bulkhead in the middle of the site to which the new structure was tied into. Site access was difficult. All equipment and materials were mobilized by barges and work skiffs. Beacon Marine has built dozens of seawalls similar to this using both timber and vinyl sheeting throughout Cape Cod.

Oyster Harbors Marine Pier Refinishing

Location: Osterville, MA
Completion Date: December, 2015
Project Details: Removal and disposal of existing deck and stringer system of approximately 180′ of dock. Installation of new 3×8 stringers and decking

Osterville Bridge Inspection

Location: Osterville, MA
Completion Date: December 2015
Project Details: Beacon Marine was hired to provide support services for an engineering firm hired to inspect the West Bay Bridge. Using a manlift on our deck scow and our push boat Alex G, we were able to successfully reach all of our inspection points.

Cotuit Pier Repairs & Improvements – Shoestring Bay

Location: Shoestring Bay, Cotuit, MA
Completion date: August 2015
Details: Repair of ice lifted pilings, replacement of timber framing and decking. Materials included Lattitudes composite decking and rope handrails. Finished product turned out beautiful and added value to this gorgeous home.