Seasonal Service

Seasonal Ice Prevention Installation

New England winters can be unpredictable. Cold winter months can result in bays, estuaries, lakes and waterways to freeze. Once ice forms, it can cause a multitude of problems to piers, boardwalks, floats and pilings. Beacon Marine provides an ice prevention service to minimize the risk of ice damage occurring. Kasco de-icers and Elite Bubbler Systems are used to reduce not only the amount of ice, but the thickness of the ice around the waterway access.  Beacon Marine will service, install, store, and monitor these units during the winter months so your pier is awaiting warmer weather.

Seasonal Pier Removal (Fall)

This project highlights seasonal pier removals that occur mainly in the Fall.  One of Beacon’s crews from the maintenance division are seen starting the removal of one of our bigger timber docks. This pier comes in and out each year and is built with IPE decking panels, as well as a IPE floating dock and gangway.