Embankment Stairs

Sea View Stone Revetment

This project was a total upgrade for this property’s beachfront. This project included 180 feet of revetment reconstruction using a combination of the existing armor stone and new armor stone, and a 4’ increase in the top of wall elevation. In addition to the fortification of the wall, 2,200 cubic yards of beach compatible nourishment sand was installed to provide a buffer area between the seawall and the ocean. The stone groin projecting out into the water were completely reconstructed to help retain the sand from laterals erosion. Lastly, an embankment staircase and deck area were upgraded and reconstructed using wedge anchor to anchor the structure to the new revetment and finished with IPE Hardwood decking and handrail material.

Embankment Stairs Orleans

This new embankment staircase was recently constructed in Orleans. With newly installed jute netting to prevent dune erosion, this staircase was constructed with two platforms and built out of all pressure treated deck treads, stringers, handrail, and 4×4 uprights anchored by diamond piers into the embankment.