Bulkhead Progress & Completion



PROJECT DESCRIPTION: New bulkhead and embankment stair installation. On this project we traded in the salt water for some fresh water for a change. First, we had to build access down a steep bank, create a stable working area, and remove an old stone and concrete wall. Once the site was prepped we installed the new wall which included helical tiebacks, backfilled and graded the bank and finished with a brand new embankment stair set. All work was completed by Beacon Marine’s talented team.


Before and after of a new bulkhead and embankment stair project on John Pond. This new installation completely transforms the backyard of the property and creates a usable beach area at the toe of the wall that was never there before. The owner was beyond excited to be able to have such clean new access to the pond that she had been visiting for decades at the family house. Hearing her history and understanding the impact we had on their waterfront made the completed project feel that much better. Connecting people to the waterfront is what we do at Beacon!