Helical Piers

Helical Pile Foundation

Beacon Marine was contracted to install a helical pile foundation for a brand-new home. This site had a high-water table, and flood plain elevation. Helical piles are a great solution for working in these environments. Fun fact, some of these piers were installed to a 50′ embedment!

Helical Pier Grade Beam Wall

These photos are from a helical anchor project where our construction crews installed helical piles to support the foundation of a new retaining wall in an area with a high groundwater table. Helical piers were driven to support a concrete grade beam for a masonry wall.

Helical Pile Installation Brewster

LOCATION: Brewster, Cape Cod, MA


DESCRIPTION: Beacon Marine Construction was hired to install a helical pile foundation system to support an addition extending off the main floor of a house on a sloped lot. The helical piles were installed in a tight space among fragile landscape. Beacon is a certified installer of the AB Chance pile systems.