Beacon Marine Construction offers a full range of services for commercial and residential properties. We specialize in high-end pier construction, including rebuilds, repairs and brand new installations. In addition, we are experts in Bulkhead Construction, Float Storage & Seasonal Piers, Pile Foundations & Pile Driving, Helical Pier Installations, Dredging & Beach Nourishment, Embankment Stairs, Crane Services, Stone Revetments, Jetties & Groins, as well as other heavy equipment services.

Pier Construction

Since the 1970s, Beacon Marine’s crew has built hundreds of permanent and seasonal piers across southeastern Massachusetts – on the ocean, as well as on lakes and ponds. We always work with the client from the outset to address construction methodology, material selection, and specific stakeholder needs in order to ensure a successful construction experience. See projects >>

Bulkhead Construction

Bulkheads provide necessary protection against erosion and add value to your property. Using the most advanced materials and installation methods, Beacon Marine builds tough and durable bulkheads with minimal disturbance to the property. With thousands of feet installed, you can trust the best when it comes to bulkhead construction. See projects >>

Float Storage & Seasonal Piers

Beacon Marine stores and repairs floats and ramps during the off season so that they’re ready for use when you return in the summer. We also service seasonal piers, working with your boating and recreation schedule to optimize installation and removal.. See projects >>

Pile Foundations & Pile driving

With new flood zone requirements and building codes, elevating new structures on pile foundations has become the norm. Beacon Marine has extensive experience working with treated lumber, engineered materials, and steel. We do not stop with just pile driving, we can install the beams and bracing as well, leaving the building ready to be framed. See projects >>

Helical Pier Installations

Helical piers are used to secure foundations when soil conditions prevent standard solutions. They are relatively quick to install and don’t require extensive excavation. As a certified installer for CHANCE helical piers, Beacon Marine is pleased to offer this excellent solution for situations in which deep foundations are required. See projects >>

Dredging & Beach Nourishment

Dredging is continually needed throughout our waterways to remove sediment and ensure safe passage for vessels. Beacon Marine has extensive experience with a variety of dredging methods and owns the specialty equipment to meet any challenge. We can also transport and deploy compatible dredged material for beach nourishment.. See projects >>

Embankment Stairs

Whether you need a long staircase with multiple platforms or just a few steps to get over rocks or a small bank, we can build stairs to meet your specific requirements. Beacon Marine has decades of experience constructing walkways that provide our customers with easy access to their waterfront property. See projects >>

Stone Revetments, Jetties, and Groins

Revetments, jetties and groins help prevent coastal erosion and control the movement of water and sand. Beacon Marine and its predecessors have built dozens of protective structures throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, including stonework that can be seen protecting the bluffs in New Seabury and Buzzards Bay. See projects >>

Other Services

Other services provided by Beacon Marine Construction include marine transport and towing, barge rentals, heavy mooring inspections, specialty welding, and salvage and marine recovery. See projects >>